Problems with a Matted Dog?

problems with matted dogs

If your family includes a medium to long haired dog you have probably encountered tangles or mats at some point.  Breeds such as Poodles, Shih Tzu, Lhasa, Maltese, Yorkies, Bichons, Pekingese, and Poms are especially susceptible to mats and need daily brushing to keep their coat in good condition.  However, even with brushing these coat types can still end up with mats.   Mats not only make your dog's coat look unkempt, they actually cause pain, distress and skin problems.  

What causes mats in my dog's coat?  

Mats tend to occur wherever there is rubbing or movement in the dog's coat, such as between the legs, under the chest and tail or around the ears or collar. Matting also can occur when old, loose fur is not completely brushed or combed out. If left unattended, even more old fur can get caught up with the new growing fur, and the mats will simply get larger, tighter and closer to the skin. If your dog leads a very active outdoor lifestyle, you also run the risk of burrs, leaves and other outdoor materials getting caught up in his fur.

Why are mats such a problem?

Most dogs do not like to have certain parts of their body brushed and will run away, try to bite at the brush or even nip their owner.  This is normally due to hypersensitivity.  The skin under the front legs, behind the ears and the base of the tail are all sensitive areas for dogs and unfortunately these are the very same areas that mats generally form.

How can I help prevent my dog's coat from becoming matted?

Brushing your dog's coat daily is one way you can help keep his/her coat in good condition. Golden Rule, never brush the same area more than 10 strokes at a time.  Go onto another section and come back if necessary. Brushing in one area, even if you know that knots are present, only tends to irritate the skin more than it already is. Leave in conditioning sprays, that you can purchase at K9 Resort & Spa, are another great tool. Keeping your dog's coat at a more manageable length also helps to prevent matting.

Regular, professional grooming is essential, too.  Our grooming staff at K9 Resort & Spa thoroughly bathe and brush your dog with particular attention to areas where mats quickly form and will help you select a coat length that complements your dog's breed while at the same time can help you manage grooming at home between salon visits.

At K9 Resort & Spa we offer services that can help prevent matting and control shedding such as;

Conditioning Bath -  Our superior Conditioning Bath helps to separate and release dead hair and providing a smoother, softer coat during brushing.  

Fur Butter Leave In Coat Conditioner - Our ultra-rich conditioning coat spray  is the ultimate in conditioning after any bath.

De-Shedding Treatments -  At K9 Resort & Spa we believe our deshedding will reduce the amount of shedding by as much as 80%. When we deshed your dog, we do much more than just use a furminator. The entire deshedding process will add anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to the normal dog grooming due to our multi step process. Visit our Grooming page to learn more.

Professional Styling and Clipping - A well clipped dog not only looks good but will help keep the coat length more manageable between spa visits.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Grooming appointments should be scheduled on a regular basis every 4 to 6 weeks*, depending upon your dog's coat, activity level and environment.  After 8 to 10 weeks, a coat may become too dirty and matted to maintain without stress to your dog and coat damage (depending upon breed and lifestyle of your dog) 

*You can Save money with our K9 Resort & Spa Recurring Standing Appointment Discount Program.  Customers who have a regularly scheduled, standing reservation every 2 to 8 weeks receive a 10% to 20% discount, depending upon the program then select.  Sign up for the Standing Appointment Program when you make your next reservation, during your next appointment, or give us a call today. #k9grooming #escondido #northcounty


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