The Dog Blog! Where It's All About Dogs | Escondido, CA 92029
The Dog Blog! Where It's All About Dogs | Escondido, CA 92029
Join the fun on our Dog Blog! Each week we share FREE tips on grooming, training and other FUN stuff!
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Penny D
2:14 AM

Our New Look

We are so excited that our transformation from K9 Dog Park to K9 Resort and Spa is now complete!

Penny D
5:18 PM

Best of Escondido 2015 Award for Dog Trainer

I am so blessed to receive this award for doing what I love - helping dogs and their owners have better lives!

Penny D
8:06 PM

We need your help to meet our donation goal of $1,000 Please help us today!

Please help support our non profit Therapy Dog Network. Your small donation will make a huge difference in the lives of those in hospitals and nursing care homes.
nursing care photo


Penny D
2:36 PM

Our "Tuesday Tip" of the week.

Each Tuesday we post a tip of the week. This week's tip is hosted by Daniel our Doggie Daycare Manager. Daniel gives tips on how to socialize your dog for daycare.

Penny D
2:55 PM


This One is for our Dog Blog followers ONLY!!! Book your dog grooming for any Friday and join our Free Cookie Friday bunch. Just tell us - when you pick up your dog from grooming that it's "Free Cookie Friday and you will be able to select a cookie from our All Natural "Tail Banger" Premium Cookie line. Yes, they are for dogs - but you will be tempted to try on yourself.

Penny D
6:14 PM

Download our FREE App Today!

and receive 20% off your next dog grooming! Simply download our mobile app - designed for all Android and I Phone users. Then use your new easy to use app to book your dog's next grooming appointment and use the promo code APP. You will find that our new mobile app makes using our services easier than ever. Everything from setting grooming appointments, booking daycare or scheduling your dog's next overnight stay is simple, quick and right at your finger tips!