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The Dog Blog! Where It's All About Dogs | Escondido, CA 92029
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Penny D
11:22 AM

Safer way to trim nails

Meet Roscoe, one of our favorite Cocker Spaniel clients. Roscoe is almost 11 years old, suffers hip pain and is on medication. When his owner, Lisa, brings him in for his regular spa visits, she normally holds him while his nails are being trimmed, to help reduce the stress in his hips due to standing on the grooming table on three legs while one paw is being worked on at a time. This visit we tried a new system that gently supported Roscoe’s weight, and what a difference it made! Roscoe seemed more relaxed which made his nail trim much faster. Thank you, Lisa and Roscoe, for allowing us to improve Roscoe’s grooming experience.

Penny D
10:13 AM

Meet Our Groom Team!

In February our grooming department team members traveled to Pasadena, CA to attend the 2017 Groom Expo West. From left to right; Nichole, our Head Bather/Manager, completed the all-day, "Difficult Dog Series" (although we never have difficult dogs at K9 Resort and Spa!)  Stephany - Completed the Brusher/Bather Certification Program.  Stephanie is also attending classes to become a Certified Groomer and a Veterinary Tech.  Priscilla, our Grooming Manager, attended classes on Grooming & Styling Techniques, Handstripping and many others. Priscilla is a Certified Groomer and hopes to compete in the 2018 GroomWest competition. Jessica completed classes on Canine Terminology & Structure.  Jessica is also attending classes to become a Certified Groomer.  Shannon completed the all-day Brusher/Bather Certification Program.  Shannon is also attending classes to become a Certified Groomer. We are very proud of each of them! Keep up the great work.

Penny D
8:16 PM

We are so very proud our Daycare Leaders!  This year they brought home 1 Gold, 7 Silver, and 7 Bronz medals while competing in the 2017 Daycare Games!  Watch the closing ceremonies

games logo

Penny D
4:21 PM

March 2017 Daycare Calendar of Events

march calendar copy
We feel that every dog in our daycare program is a Lucky Dog! However, during the month of March, we pull out the green carpet for our 4 legged guests. Our daycare leaders have put together full month of fun events and activities. Don't let your dog miss out!

Penny D
9:51 AM

Our Daycare Leaders Know Dogs!

We are so proud of Shannon, Tina, Addie & Kyle, our Daycare Leaders for completing the, "Knowing Dogs 201 - Group Play" training series, developed by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs. The 8-week (module) program taught our Daycare leaders how to recognize the early warning signs of inappropriate play behaviors and how to take action to keep play fun and safe for each dog in our daycare program.