A day in the life of K9 Resort & Spa's overnight dog boarding guest


Thank you for considering K9 Resort & Spa's boarding program for your dog. Below please find a daily agenda that outlines a typical boarding day designed to make you dog's stay enjoyable. You will note that both play times and rest times are incorporated into our daily schedule. If dog's are not allowed a rest period each day - they will go home tired and cranky instead of tired and happy. The inside "play area" is sectioned off into two separate yards. One for dogs that like a little more excited play, and the other for dogs who tend to be more relaxed in their play style. Our dog boarding suites are colorful, climate controlled, and range in sizes from 4x6 to 6x6. Both the suites and the play areas have webcam access for your peace of mind.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 760-745-3647 if you have any additional questions - we look forward to seeing you and your dog soon.

A Day in the Life of a K9 Resort & Spa Doggy Boarding Guest

6:30 AM: 
Rise and shine! Staff arrives and our overnight dog boarding guests are let out for their first potty break. At this time, the boarding suites are freshened up and breakfast is prepared. 

7:30 - 8AM:
 Boarding guests are escorted back to their suites to enjoy breakfast. Arriving day care guests are welcomed and escorted to their appropriate play area.

8:00 AM:
 Dog boarding guests are escorted to their appropriate play areas for their morning playtime! This is when our boarding and day care guests really get to let their tails wag, not to mention being spoiled by our staff members. They get to play with resort toys and be involved in stimulating games lead by our trained staff of dog handlers.

 All of our guests are escorted to their suites for snack and nap time while listening to relaxing music. At this time, the Lead Staff member checks on each guest to make sure that all guests are comfortably enjoying their time at our resort.

 All day care and boarding guests are treated to our "Life Enrichment" program.  Learn more on our sample calendar of events below.

 Our boarding guests are escorted to their suites for dinner. All of our Daycare guests remain in the play areas with our staff member(s) until it is their turn to go home.

Time to say Good-bye to all day care guests (all day care dogs are to be picked-up by 6:00 pm ) All our boarding guests are escorted to their overnight suites. At this time, staff members are going around to everyone’s suites checking water and giving every guest their bedtime chin scratch and treat.
6PM: Lights out. Soothing music is played to help our tired guests relax and fall into puppy sweet dreams. At this time staff members visit each suite checking on water and making sure our guests are tucked in for the night.

NOTE:  Normally there is no staff on-site after 6 PM but you can keep in touch through webcams that are available for suited dogs.

The calendar (below) is an example of the daily activities we have planned for our K9 guests.  Each month our talented daycare team leads what we call "Life Enrichment" exercises. This program is designed to stimulate the dogs that take part in our daycare and boarding services. Our Enrichment Program allows your dog to participate in individual activities and smaller play groups depending on what is most suitable for your dog's personality. It puts play time on their terms and gives them fun activities we know they enjoy. The Life Enrichment exercise program does not take the place of off-leash fun play - it is in addition to your dog's regular daily schedule.