"To make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their owners."


Our Philosophy is Praise Your Dog!


Hi, My name is Penny DiLoreto, together with my husband David, we are the owners of K9 Resort and Spa, a dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training center located in Escondido, CA.  Our motto is, "learning should not be painful” and that belief infuses all that we do in our positive approach to the dog-human relationship.  Let me explain what that means in more detail. 

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Working with dogs is rewarding and all about forming a solid relationship with your dog. It is important to teach dogs what you want and then motivate them to do it and learn what they need from you to live a happy life.

Our dog training objective at K9 Resort & Spa is to give you the tools to build communication, mutual respect, and trust between you and your dog.  In other words: “To make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their owners.”  To that end, we will help you care for and understand your dog as well as, teach your dog to understand you, and how to fit training into your life schedule. 

Whether you come to K9 Resort & Spa for dog daycare, boarding, grooming or training, you will learn that nothing we teach will harm your dog or the relationship you have with them. That said, we understand that you are the dog owner and we will not push you if you feel any trainer is doing something that will harm your dog in any way. Our approach is based on the scientific values of learning theory, while we are always willing to use other methods, as long as they are both effective and compassionate. 

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It is our belief that if you reward your dog for doing something, he will repeat the behavior.  However, if the reward goes away, the behavior will also, eventually go away.  Even though this principle seems simple, people don't always think about it.  The fact is that we are always training our dogs whenever we are with them.  However, if we don't pay attention to what we are teaching our dogs, we could end up training it to jump on people or the dinner table, whine for attention, and run away when called!

The use of treats, toys, and other fun things will get your dog to want to listen to you.  On the other hand, if you become a good dog owner/trainer, you won’t have to use treats forever. Eventually, you can reward your dog randomly and praise often and the dog will still respond.  Once you understand the principles of dog learning, you can begin applying them to a lot of different aspects of your life.

What does a trained dog mean for you?  Well, first of all you have a happy friend who pays attention, walks near you on or off the leash, sits when you ask him to sit, and hangs out politely while you enjoy a meal with your friends.  What does training mean to the dog?  It means he has an enjoyable, interesting life in a home where he understands his role and what he needs to do to keep the good things in life coming!
A message from the owners
Penny & David DiLoreto


Compassion:  Caring for co-workers, clients, canines and others as if they were family

Competence:  KNOW what you are doing

Helpfulness:   Always stepping up to lend a hand

Honesty:  Always honest in speech and action

Integrity:  Doing what is right in every situation

Professionalism:  Attire, mannerism, speech, and appearance between co-worker, clients, suppliers and others shows respect for one’s self and others.

Safety:  An attitude of safe working while following safety policies and communicating unsafe working situations.  NOTE:  For security purposes we require a photo of all dogs in our care and their owner(s) or handler(s)who have permission to pick them up.