Force Free Snake Avoidance Training Program

Do As I Do!
Scientific studies indicate that dogs
have   a   natural  ability     to   read
human   body   language  and  can
detect  when  their  owner   senses
danger.  Our program  teaches  the
dog's  handler  how  to  use  facial
expressions, body movement  and
verbal  cues  to alert their dog that
snakes   =  danger   and  to  move 
away  when   one   is   spotted.

Snakes = Danger!
The   photos  used  in   this  material 
were taken during one  of our actual 
Force  Free  Snake  Avoidance  classes conducted in Escondido, CA and  reprinted   with   the permission of the participants.

Tongue Flick / Lip Lick
Did you know that just like humans,
dogs  exhibit  many  types  of  body
languages,  or  behaviors,  that
indicate  when  they  are  happy,
anxious, nervous or scared.  They also exhibit behavior that helps to relieve stress.  Lip licking is a very clear stress signal that is performed when a dog is nervous or experiencing fear (like the dog in the above photo ) after passing the area where decoy snakes have been set out.  During our class, you will learn how to read your dog's body language to determine how he/she is feeling.

Are you curious?
Possibly you are wondering how a Force Free Snake Avoidance Training program could be successful without the use of live snakes, shock collars, and force.

Are you a skilled dog trainer? Maybe you are contemplating the idea of starting your own Snake Avoidance program, and want to explore the concepts of Force Free training.

Are you a  loving pet owner that doesn't know where to begin?  One that wants to keep your pet safe from snake bites but just doesn’t know which program is right for you and your dog?

If you answered yes to any of the above then I encourage you to keep reading. Our program provides snake avoidance training without the use of adverse training tools such as prong collars, shock collars or physical molding, pulling on the dog’s leash (corrections) or dragging the dog. This is what we refer to as “Force Free.

Who should attend one of our classes?
Every dog owner, shelter worker, and dog foster care provider, and their dogs can benefit from Force Free Snake avoidance training. I say this because even if you don’t walk your dog on nature trails, snakes can, and often do, invade people’s yards where dogs can come in contact with them.

What happens during one of our program sessions?
Our 2 hr session is packed full of info and it’s not all for the dogs! Information and instruction on: Types of snakes that are indigenous to your geographical area, how to help “snake proof” your yard, what to and not to do, in case of a snake bite, information on snake bite vaccinations, how to use your body language and verbal cues to instill a sense that snakes = danger, how to read your dog’s body language to determine what he/she is sensing during the session and so much more.

Our training program uses decoy snakes, (rubber snakes) that have been placed in with live snakes to absorb the habitat’s odor, plus dead snakes that have been preserved and donated to us, shed snake skins, and the audio recording of rattlesnakes. However, we do not focus on rattlesnakes or live snakes. We focus on teaching that snakes - all snakes - live, dead, poisonous or non-poisonous are to be avoided!

Is one training session enough?
No, and I want to make this very clear. Practice, practice, practice as with any training is the key. For this reason, I give decoy snakes to take home, I conduct follow-up consultations (free of charge) and offer discount refresher courses. I also encourage my class participants to join our Facebook group at This group is designed to provide a forum for: Graduates of my Force Free Snake Avoidance Program, those that have purchased my book on "Force Free Snake Avoidance Training", professional dog trainers that are truly interested in adding a Force Free class to their training program, shelter workers, and pet owners that want information on how to keep dogs safer when they encounter snakes without the use of shock collars and or live rattlesnakes.

Is Force Free Snake Avoidance Training a guaranteed method?
Like with any training, there are no guarantees that Shock Collar or Force Free training methods will work in all situations.  How well your dog learns and how much he improves depends on many factors including how much time and effort you put in the training.  Practice, practice, practice.  Our program will give you the skill sets, tools, and confidence needed to teach your dog that snakes - all snakes - dead or alive equal danger and to avoid the area when they are found.
snake avoidance program

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beware of the snakes
Proofing the behavior after a training session.  The dog clearly avoids the area contaning snake decoys.