At K9 Resort & Spa we know how important it is for your dog's coat to receive regular grooming.  We also know how important it is for you to get a DEAL on grooming.  This is why we offer our clients a Recurring Standing Appointment Discount!

Your dog's grooming Standing Appointment will be booked into our system based upon your selection and the amount of discount given is up to you!  Here's how it works;
1.  You select how often you want to come in.  We recommend dogs be groomed no more than every 5 weeks.

2.  You select which day of the week you would like to book (Mondays thru Thursday)

3.  You do not pay in advance - only after service is provided.

4.  You will receive e-mail and telephone reminders of your scheduled appointment day and time.

5.  That's It, simple, fast and worry free!
NOTE:  A NO - SHOW will likely result in the cancelling of Standing Appointment Discounts and a No-Show Charge.